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What is Human Growth Hormones?

Human Growth Hormone (also known as HGH) is a natural body hormone created in human pituitary gland. The beneficial effects of HGH are widely known: it is HGH that keeps our bodies in top condition. The trouble is that Human Growth Hormone level is unstable. During our lifetime we experience surging of HGH level sometime between 14 and 26 year, then it starts to fall down extremely quickly. Soon after the signs of lack of HGH start to be visible: wrinkled skin, spare tire, loss of muscle mass and decreased interest in sex.

However if we somehow raise the HGH level in our bodies, the effects are visible almost in a blink of an eye. Our bodies stop gaining weight and fat will be quickly replaced by the muscles. Our brain will get back to its “younger self” and all memory problems will be gone. As HGH is also partially responsible for our bone structure, its high levels may be even able to reverse osteoporosis. But that’s not nearly the end: HGH is also known to get rid of insomnia, improve mood and helps to cope with depression and chronic fatigue.

Originally, Human Growth Hormone treatments were incredibly expensive. As it was impossible to synthesize HGH, it was taken from pituitary glands taken from dead bodies. Then, in order for the treatment to be effective, HGH had to be injected directly into the bloodstream as its molecules are unable to pass the walls of the bowels and stomach. Recently however, new scientific breakthroughs changed the method of treatment completely. While we still can’t synthesize Human Growth Hormone, we have learnt to stimulate our own pituitary glands through a food supplement in a form of a pill. From this point, everything goes 100% naturally and soon your HGH level will start growing to match that of a 20-year old person.

Another good thing about new HGH treatments is that they do not need to be continuous – even should not be! Instead of weekly injections, you normally need a 6-month treatment (ie. taking pills), then you take a year-long break while the HGH level is still high (the process of increasing HGH level takes some time, but the effects last much longer). Of course after that time, the procedure may be freely repeated in order to ensure higher HGH secretion rate in even longer-term.

The only problem associated with using supplements instead of direct HGH injections is the time needed for the first results to be visible. The first visible effects show up no earlier than during the 3rd month or treatment. The good news is that the quality of results are related your HGH level at the start of treatment, so those with the biggest problems will notice changes first. The bad news is everyone else will have to wait patiently even 4-5 months before they will notice that their mood is lifted, energy level has risen, their skin tone is improved and muscle mass increased. It may be especially annoying and irritating for younger people that need fast effects.

Another good thing about HGH treatments: they are just as beneficial for seniors as for any younger adults. Of course, the effects will be visible in case of seniors first as their HGH levels are much lower than in case of everyone else, but sooner or later every adult who takes them will notice the positive and long-term change in its attitude and body condition.

HGH supplement is also extremely safe because there aren’t any overdose side-effects. It is recommended though to stay within the dose recommended by the manufacturer. For one, taking more pills than ti is prescribed will result in wasting the product – it won’t have a chance to affect the glands and will be just washed over from the organism.

Once a treatment for multi-millionaires only, the HGH inducers have changed it for good. Instead of extremely complicated process requiring dissections of donor bodies in order, creation of HGH releasing supplement is relatively easy. Well, it can’t be done at home, but if compared with previous procedure that may have cost even $15,000, it is extremely affordable. One more thing: if you are looking for the best price, it is a good idea to buy GenF20. This product is one of the most cost-effective products on the market.

HGH – are there any downsides?: The good thing is that despite numerous researches, no negative or side effects of taking HGH releasers were found. The tests were performed in all age groups, but no one has ever experienced anything that could be described as a side effect. Unless of course he or she has used HGH releasers from unknown sources – that’s why before you take anything, make sure that the HGH releaser has been created in a laboratory with an GMP certification.

If you have ever heard of any problems related to HGH treatments, their only possible reason is using HGH releasers made by an unknown producer. You have to remember that the danger of buying fakes are all-time real unless you go only for the well-known and praised products such as GenF20. Make sure to ask your physician about everything related to HGH before starting the treatment.

However, as there are still people who will not care to understand what HGH really is and what effects it may bring, ordering HGH supplements online might be a good idea. Just make sure that you ask for plain packaging – it is always good to know what is inside before you open the package (it makes returning the product much easier and faster). Also, make sure that you will receive a guarantee – but read the small print first and do not trust someone only because it looks promising! Try to find out how the guarantee really works and what the chances are for you to get your money back. Some products come with a decent guarantee (like GenF20), so don’t.